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Investigative Journalism…….

Investigative Journalism (IJ) is a form of Journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest often involving crime,political corruption and misconduct in the corporate world.In simple words I think that IJ is information that is very well researched to create transparency.

As said,Journalism is the watchdog of society,true,I wonder what would happen if we did not have journalism-I think-total blackout with people not knowing what is happening around them.Just think about a place where you do not have information streaming in.Boring environment.Thank to investigative journalists we get to know of things that could never be discovered by anybody.

Thinking about the life of investigative journalists,these people must work very hard to find relevant data to aid in their work.It is tough.They even go to extremes of living within a given community if that is where the material for their work comes from.At times these are places of different cultural practices they might also have to go against their religious norms to ensure that they achieve all they need.

Investigative Journalism should always arouse public interest for it to be newsworthy and therefore this should be data that is very well investigated meaning that the journalists should always stick to facts.In short, a journalist should always write or report something that they can always prove,if you cannot prove it then it’s not worth putting pen on paper about.

This journalism is very helpful to people,organizations and countries who implement it,transparency becomes evident.With transparency in any place people will always work in the right manner meaning that decisions that are made and their enforcement is done in a way that follows rules and regulations.It also helps in improved accountability since the government or any other institution will audit their work to ensure that there is no doubt on the work they do.Every institution should be accountable to its publics and stakeholders.Media is a major force in improving the quality of any platform be it in government  or the corporate world therefore IJ would be a better channel to enhance good governance where governance means how services are delivered.

Am happy that Kenya is taking up IJ very seriously,but I think the problem we have in this country is we lack relevant resources .I think Kenya lacks the right equipment to carry out this kind of investigation and there is also lack of investigative skills among journalists.It is my thinking that Higher Learning Institutions that teach media encourage their students to specialize in IJ and Kenya will definitely go places,especially by kicking out corruption.Finally the other reason would be lack of good protection for the journalists,it is very risky to carry out this kind of work,people get threats and others die.They need good security if good results of their work is expected.

What I am saying in these few words is that IJ should really be encouraged and especially for women.There is nothing to fear in IJ.It is my dream that one day 90% of Investigative Journalists will be women.


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